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Get 1 tips for any tips you buy from us ending in draw or lose!


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  • What kind of Tips Membership do you have ?
    We offer only one type of tips membership as follows: 74 EUR per tip.
  • How many tips do you send per match day ?
    That depends from Tipsters.
  • Do you offer Free Tips ?
    No, we don`t offer Free Tips to our visitors
  • What is the replacement if the tips lose or draw?
    If our tips lose or draw, you will be automatically receive one tip replacement for the next match day
  • How can I pay ?
    We accept payments with PayPal, and Skrill/Mooneybookers/ (send request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).
  • What to do after I make a payment ?
    Just check your e-mail
  • What is your minimum coefficient?
    Our minimum coefficient is 1.80 , average is 2.00 . Note that Soccer tips don`t bear any responsibility if the coefficients drop!